Tamara always had an interest in writing, but after the English major graduated from Northern Illinois University she found herself in the corporate world working as a computer analyst. Stuck in a cubicle like a rat, she could have cared less about her good salary and great benefits or about fixing all the Y2K bugs that were going to cause all the computers in the world to crash. What she really wanted was to become a writer. During her lunches, she crafted openings to novels and daydreamed about becoming a bestseller.

Shortly after her son was born in 2000 (side note, the computers didn’t crash, nor did the world end because of it), she escaped the nine-to-five and started plunking away on her computer, writing her first manuscript. When she finished her first novel in what was a small closet turned into a makeshift office, a.k.a. “the claw-ffice”, she jumped up and down with glee. She knew she was put here to right books! This was her calling! The only hiccup in her plan? Her husband wanted to go to medical school. Tragically, love and loans weren’t enough to support a family.

She started looking for work, but oddly she couldn’t find a job as a novelist earning $40,000 a year. Being entrepreneurial and determined not to once again end up in a six-by-six space, she started a cleaning business called Maid for Medical School. While her husband pursued his dream of becoming a doctor, Tamara scrubbed floors on her hands and knees, raised her son, and wrote during her free time. Cleaning houses also provided great fodder for future books and made her extremely humble.

Fast-forward eleven years. Her husband is now a doctor, and she’s the author of five titles: Post-Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome, The Ugly Tree, Cane’s Justice, The Road to Justice, and Fixing Forever Broken. She’s earned some awards for her books that include: Flamingnet Top Choice Award winner, 2011 Next Generation Indie Finalist, Eric Hoffer Finalist, and Midwest Book Award Finalist, IPPY Bronze Award for romance.

But, awards aren’t as important as making people laugh, because as a brilliant man once said, life is too important to be taken seriously. Because of this, Lyon has recently gone in a decidedly chick-lit direction and creates characters and stories that are refreshingly real and funny. She makes her home in Wisconsin with her talented husband, cycling-superstar son, and counter-surfing golden retriever, Macy.

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