Fixing Forever Broken

Abby Stafford, a rookie writer for an architectural magazine, believes she has everything she's ever wanted. When she stops by her parents' beautiful Victorian home to tell them of her engagement to Michael Thiesan, she makes a grisly discovery. Her father, Erik Stafford, an esteemed and prominent lawyer, is hanging in the attic.

His mysterious suicide and her mother's unexplained absence catapults Abby's life into chaos. The traumatic event not only leaves her temporarily colorblind, a transient condition that haunts her for months to come, but also unlocks devastating childhood memories.

Abby struggles to make sense of the baffling circumstances surrounding her father's death. When an old love unexpectedly resurfaces in Abby's life, her imminent marriage is in jeopardy. All of her personal relationships threaten to crumble after she learns the truth behind her father's suicide and discovers that she's been betrayed by those she loves most.

“An intricate novel of complicated relationships, highly recommended.”
-Midwest Book Review, 5 stars-