Cane’s Justice

In this sequel to the award-winning The Ugly Tree, Cane has always known the handsome and sweet Justice Price was the one. When he pops the question and offers her everything she’s ever wanted and more, she readily accepts. But when Cane discovers a secret about Justice, she panics. Insisting she needs time to think things through, she leaves for the summer, breaking Justice’s heart as well as her own.

Now in Colorado and living with Caprice, her college roommate who owns two successful cleaning companies, Cane takes a job as a maid. When Cane isn’t scrubbing toilets and getting into trouble for telling it like it is, she’s sparring with Nikeo, Caprice’s musician cousin. Cane and Nikeo quickly develop an adversarial friendship wrought with sexual tension.

Though her heart still belongs to Justice, Cane can’t deny her attraction to Nikeo. While she’s trapped in a love triangle of her own making, Cane discovers that Justice may be in love with someone else. Will she find her happily ever after with Nikeo or Justice? Or, will she lose them both?