The Road to Justice

In this third installment of the award-winning The Ugly Tree series, the feisty and impatient Cane Kallevik wants to mend her relationship with Justice Price, slip her engagement ring back into place, and sprint to the altar. Unfortunately, Justice’s feet aren’t just cold, they’re frozen.

Still reeling from Cane’s summer indiscretion, he needs time to get over what happened. But is it time he wants, or is it his co-worker Susan? Cane’s polar opposite, the curvaceous and bubbly Susan wheedles her way into Justice’s life by providing a constant supply of baked goods and adoration.

When Cane’s not seeking relationship advice from Rhonda Riddle at the psychic hotline, she’s focusing on her career as marketing maven for Schaeffer Dairy, counseling the eighteen-year-old Jocelyn Schaeffer who’s in the middle of a tabloid-worthy scandal, and harboring secrets about her best friend, Mikayla.

Just when Cane seems to be making progress with Justice, tragedy strikes, and Nikeo, her love from the summer, shows up on her doorstep at an inopportune time. She’s once again torn between two men. This time her heart is certain, but is his?